Wartime News reels of allotment and vegetable growing

I have always been interested in history whatever the topic and these days my attention is on allotments and vegetable growing. During my history research on the Northfields allotment i found a good quality aerial photograph of the allotments taken in 1945. I also noticed on that image that 50% of Lammas park had been turned into allotments.
As i learnt more i realised that the "Dig for Victory" slogan i had often heard was all about growing your own vegetables. This of course meant that allotments were at a premium during WWII allowing people to supplement the food rations with their own produce.

I have found some interesting old news reels on this subject, The first one is a "Dig for Victory" short described by the IWM as "During the Second World War, getting the most from your little plot of land was crucial. This film, produced by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1941, explains how to prepare an area of ground for growing your veg, and shows why not having space is simply no excuse."
The other videos are from British Pathe from 1914-1945 and show various aspects for vegetable and flower growing during the two world wars




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