Waiting List

If you would like to join our waiting list please complete our online application form (form will pop-up). We accept applications from people who live in the borough of Ealing.

The allotments in Northfield Avenue are not owned by the council but held in trust by Pathways, a registered charity.

How the waiting list works

There are over 150 plots on the allotment site.  We rent out half plots to maximise the number of plot holders.

When you are towards the top of our waiting list you are likely to be offered a small starter bed on a 'Gardening Club' plot. These are temporary mini-plots which give you the chance to join our allotment community and learn some gardening skills while you wait to get to the top of the list and get a half plot of your own. 

How long will it take to get to a plot? This is difficult to answer because it depends on how many people leave voluntarily and how many are asked to leave each year. We would usually expect people to wait for two to three years before they are offered a gardening club plot. Interest is currently extremely high and the wait is much longer. We work on a strict first come, first served basis.

Volunteer opportunities

Unfortunately the coronavirus pandemic means that we have to restrict the number of visitors to the allotment site so we are currently unable to invite people on the waiting list to join our volunteer activities. As soon as this changes, we'll be in touch with everyone on the waiting list.

We run the volunteer session on the first Saturday of the month - paths need mowing, hedges need trimming.  We love this place so we will be there all morning from 10.00 - 13.00. But if you can only spare an hour that's OK too. We'll even sort out some tea and a slice of cake - plus a free BBQ lunch. Yes, we really do have a BBQ in winter (honest) - it is our way of saying "thank you" to our volunteers. And it gives them the opportunity to get some fresh air with people who are passionate about gardening - and to be part of our gardening community. 

We provide the tools and gloves. You would need to a good pair of wellingtons or suitable sturdy gardening shoes. 

If you'd like to come along please contact us in advance. 

Other allotment sites in Ealing

Northfield Allotments is just one of many allotment sites in the London Borough of Ealing.  There is a full list of sites, both council and privately owned, on the Ealing Allotment Parternship website (though at the present time, other sites also have long waiting lists).  If you are a resident of Northfields then Blondin and Haslemere are the closest alternatives.