Vintage Shed at plot East no.1

In 2018 I took on a restoration of an old shed located at the south end of Northfield allotments. This shed is in area where the No.1 plot was situated when the allotments were first created in 1832. At that time the allotments were on both sides of Northfield avenue and this side was referred to as the “East” whilst across the road was known as “West & North” sides.
This shed is believed to have been built before 1971 making it over 45 years old. I kept as many original features as possible and added some new features including a green roof and a display of vintage tools from the 1950’s & 1960’s that have been found on the allotment.
This shed had been covered in material including corrugated plastic sheeting, and roofing felt. I had little idea of what was underneath, the front door was an interesting bi-folding door which I was keen to keep. Below are photos of the shed before restoration began.

Underneath the external cladding I found an interesting shed, the roof was completely rotten. The side wooden panels were repaired and reused. The front window was missing so the majority of its glass was replaced with another reclaimed window found elsewhere on the allotment. Below is what I found of the original shed structure.

Inside the shed there was little of value but some areas had been clad with some interesting materials:
The image below shows a tropical style bitumen backed wallpaper from around 1950-60s.

The image below shows a floor lino possibly dating from around early 1960s.

The shed currently displays some vintage tools found on the allotment as well as the lino and wallpaper. It is possible to visit this shed during our open days in July.

For a video of the shed restoration  You can download a pdf version of this restoration click