Skip 27th June

There will be a skip on Saturday 27th June. Plot holders can use this skip to remove rubbish from their plots but DO NOT bring rubbish from your home to put in the skip.

This is an additional skip and there will be another skip in late July. The skips usually get filled up by 11am so i would advise people to arrive as soon as possible on Saturday. Once the skip is full we will put a tarpaulin over the skip, please do not put more items in the skip if you see it covered.

Do not put wood, soil, plants and asbestos in the skip. Other items not allowed in skips are listed below:

Common items that cannot be disposed of in a skip:
• Liquids
• Oil, petrol, diesel
• Paint & Cans of paint
• Fluorescent tubes
• Gas canisters and gas bottles
• Asbestos
• Electrical appliances & equipment
• Batteries
• Tyres
• TVs & computer screens
• Fridges, freezers and air conditioning units
• Plasterboard
• Hazardous & toxic materials
• Clinical or medical waste, including syringes