The following is a quick reference of the key rules that plot holders often ask, or that are often the subject of issues that the Committee have to get involved with. All rules are in the Tenant's Guide that forms part of the Tenancy Agreement that every plot holder signs.

Bonfires - are only allowed from 1st October to 31st March

Livestock - are not allowed, except bees which are allowed only by prior written agreement with the committee

Structures (Greenhouses,Polytunnels & Sheds) - Require permission and has limits:

  • Requires permission from the committee before construction - request permission here
  • There are restrictions on where (on your plot) the structure is allowed - details in the permission letter
  • Structure must be temporary - not built on brick or concrete, including any foundation
  • Structure must be sited inside all boundaries, as stipulated in the Structure Permission Letter.
  • Shed or Greenhouse - Max size 3m x 3.6m on a full plot or 2.4m x 2.1m on a half plot
  • Polytunnel - Max size 2m x 4m
  • Structure must not be taller than 2.5m at it's highest point
  • Maximum of one Greenhouse/Polytunnel per half plot
  • Structure must not use any inconvenience or obstruction

Trees - Written permission required and there are limitations on quantity and position

Water -  is available from the taps between 1st May and 30th September each year. The handpumps are available all year round