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Mains water is available in dip tanks alongside the main path from May to September/October, depending on the weather. 

There is no mains electricity, so any power tools must be petrol or battery powered.

There are two composting toilets on the site, one in the north and one in the south, which are maintained by volunteers. 

There is a communal area with gazebos, tables and chairs by the main entrance on Northfield Avenue. Plot holders are welcome to use it for events, but please contact the committee first to check. 

We have a bin for scrap metal by the side of the communal area. We also have a regular supply of free wood chips, which are placed near the main gates.

The site is secured with a metal perimeter fence and padlocked gates. However, we urge all plot holders to leave nothing of value in their sheds.     


Here at Northfields Allotments, we encourage cultivation that promotes wildlife diversity and helps the environment. We can all do our bit, from collecting rainwater, to reusing cardboard to suppress weeds and warm up the soil.  Click here for some top growing tips 

Tenancy Agreement

All plot holders sign a Tenancy Agreement with Pathways, which can be downloaded as a PDF below. 

This includes the Tenants Handbook, which provides detailed information on cultivating your plot and contributing to the allotment community.

A half plot costs £66 a year in rent plus an annual fencing charge of £18.60, all payable to Pathways. 



The site is managed by Ealing Dean Allotment Society (EDAS), on behalf of the charity Pathways

All plotholders are members of EDAS and can put themselves forward for a committee role at the annual AGM. The roles are Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and general member. Interested plotholders are encouraged to talk to the current committee to find out more about what's involved.

The current committee is:    
Chair: Christina Fox   
Treasurer: Jon Wilkins    
Secretary: Craig Evans  
Other members: Clare Harrington, Martin Newhouse, Andrew Caisley

The committee meets monthly.  View minutes from past meetings here    

Frequently Asked Questions  

The following is a guide to the questions asked most often by plot holders. All our rules revolve around maintaining and enjoying your plot, and being considerate to your plot neighbours.  

How much growing do I need to do on my plot?

A new tenant should cultivate at least 25% of their plot in the first three months of their tenancy and 50% after six months. From 12 months onwards, we expect a minimum of 75% cultivation. Please see the Tenants handbook for more details on what cultivation looks like.           

Will my plot be inspected?

Yes, twice a year in keeping with Pathways' requirements. Poor standards of cultivation are unfair to plot neighbours and those on the waiting list.

If your plot fails an inspection, you will receive a letter setting out the improvements required within a specified timeframe. Failure to comply is likely to lead to the termination of your tenancy.

If you are unable to cultivate your plot on a temporary basis, you must let the committee know.

Inspections are currently carried out in April/May and August. To check what the committee is looking for in Summer and Winter, see the PDFs below.

Can I install a new shed or greenhouse?

You can, but you must seek the committee's permission first. The committee will advise on suitable sizes and location for your new structure. This also applies to polytunnels, children's play equipment and any structure over 1.5m in height.  Our structure policy can be downloaded as a PDF below.

Can I plant a tree on my plot? 

You can, but certain conditions must be met and you must seek the committee's permission first. There are limitations on quantity, type and position, to limit shade on neighbouring plots. You are also responsible for maintaining and pruning trees on your plot. Our tree policy can be downloaded as a PDF below.

How do I dispose of rubbish? 

Green waste should be composted on your plot. Please note that communal compost bins are for the sole use of volunteers carrying out communal work, usually on maintenance mornings.

Unwanted metal can be taken to the waste metal collection point on communal plot 194. Wood can be burned between October and March. It is your responsibility to remove all other rubbish from the site. 

Once or twice a year, the committee provides a skip on plot 194 for plot holders. You will be notified about this by email. Wood and green waste cannot be placed in skips.

Do not bring carpets or tyres to the allotment site and do not hoard materials or any waste on your plot.           

Am I responsible for the paths at the side of my plot?

Yes, you share the responsibility with your plot neighbour. Side paths must be kept tidy and navigable for a wheelbarrow.           

How can I contribute to the allotment community?

Our Maintenance Mornings on the first Saturday of the month are always good fun. Do come and join us and help maintain the communal areas of the site. There's a job for everyone and we provide tea, cake and a barbecue lunch.

Enjoy a brew and chat with other plot holders at maintenance mornings

We also rely on plotholders to maintain the composting toilets and you can volunteer to look after our Fruit Garden, which we use to make jams and preserves that we sell at our summer open day. 

We'd also love you to get involved in our events. We need people to grow plants and make cakes for our summer open day. On the day itself, we need people to look after the stalls and welcome visitors. Halloween is a much bigger event and requires dozens of volunteers. We will certainly be able to find a job for you.

It's always good to help your plot-neighbours and offer any help they might need. 

And don't forget the committee! We need at least six enthusiastic volunteers a year to manage the site.

To get involved, talk to a member of the committee or send an email.

Can I have a bonfire?

Yes, between 1st October to 31st March. You should avoid lighting them on sunny evenings or weekends. They must be tended at all times and extinguished immediately if a complaint is received.

Can I bring my dog on site? 

Dogs are allowed on the allotments but must be kept on a lead at all times.            

Can I raise chickens on my plot?

No livestock is allowed apart from bees. This requires prior written permission from the committee.

How can I get involved in beekeeping?

We allow a small number of plot holders - all of whom are qualified beekeepers - to keep hives. Currently, the hives on plot 230b are run by a collective called Ealing Beeshare. If you would like to get involved, contact the committee.            

Can I take produce from another plot?

No. You should never enter another plot or take produce without the plotholders' permission.