Maps of Ealing Dean 1741-1865

Here are a series of Maps of Ealing Dean from 1741 to 1865. The earlier maps show Ealing Dean Common and after 1832 they show the Parish Allotments which are were know as Ealing Dean Common allotments, then later Ealing Dean Allotments and more commonly these days Northfileds Allotments.

1741 - The first map is from 1741-5 by Jon Rocque. Details in the Map show the pond where St. John Church later would stand and a possible building opposite the pond. A few building appear on the Uxbridge road. 







1777 - The next map from 1777.  There is a pond shown in what is now Dean Gardens near the Uxbridge road. This map was updated in 1822 with more information. There appears to be two dwellings later shown to be on the land owned by Mr. William. Nichols who was the Church Treasurer and Overseer in 1822.












1800 - The next map is from 1800 by Thomas Milne. The map concentrates on the Land Use and therefore gives valuable information regarding the land surrounding the Ealing Dean Common. The common itself is shown as "white" and it this time it was Common land. The land both sides of the common are shown as "Arable Land" which usually refers to "land capable of being ploughed and used to grow crops". The pond where St. John's church later stands is clearly visible and what appears to be a building at the top of the field opposite the pond.








1803 - This Ordnance survey map dates from 1803-05. It was frequently recopied and shown as a later map. This map show the Radbourne Stream flowing down the right side of North field lane. It is known that the Radbourne stream originates from Castle bar hill but its exact path is still unknow. My personal belief is that it runs down Northfield avenue in the road itself in a culvert until the current Doctors surgery where it turns left into Dudley Gardens and then later turning right into St. Aidan's Road.







1822 -  This Map from 1822 was based on the earlier 1777 map. The real interesting part of this map is all the written details on the map border with references to people and places. It appears to me that this map was originally made in colour but we only have a black and white copy.








1832 - The map is important for the allotments because it shows the Ealing Dean Common just before it was turned over to allotments for the poor. A structure can be seen on the top right of the common which was Mr Hill's dwelling. Ponds can also be seen at top right and  bottom left of the common. The pond where St John church stands appears large in size and my well be fed by water from the Radbourne stream. It is believed that this map was commissioned  for the change of use of the common to allotments.












1865 - By this time the allotments had existed for some 30 years or more and it is interesting to see the two ponds are still shown as well as the house in the top right of the allotment. St. John's church still had not been built but more and more houses were appearing. The West Ealing "Pound" for stray livestock is shown along the Uxbridge road.


All Maps curtsey of Ealing Local History centre