Important development update

In September 2016 we received a letter from Pathways, our landlord, that it intended to build on 10% of the allotments. But, this week, Pathways officially informed us that it will now NOT be building on Northfield allotments. 

There has been a substantial changeover of trustees and a change in chief executive since the development was first announced. The new trustees feel that green space and allotments are important and so building on Northfields would not be the right thing to do. 
To officially know that the trustees have changed their decision to build on the allotments and understand the importance of green space is a wonderful result. As one plotholder put it: “I am awash with happiness at this news.”

I want to thank all of you for all the help and support you gave.

Northfield plotholders were always going to object because we’ve always known how valuable this green space is. It seems local residents and our politicians also felt it was valuable too and worth protecting. 

I believe that the public and cross-party political support was incredibly important. I’m sure it helped persuade the trustees that the allotments are loved by local residents – not just plot holders. 

Please let all your friends and neighbours know that the development will now NOT go ahead and do thank them for their support. 

Our summer open day is on Sunday 7thJuly - I do hope you’ll join us for tea and cake. The site should look at its best and I hope you’ll agree that it will be hard to imagine why anyone would want to cover it in concrete.

Christina Fox

Chair Ealing Dean Allotment Society