Halloween Pumpkin Trail 2019

One very blustery Saturday in late October we opened the gates at Northfields Allotments for our fourth Halloween Pumpkin Trail. The site was decorated with spiders, bats, cobwebs, ghosts and lots of fairy lights. There were skeletons everywhere; having a bath in a water tank, drunkenly propped up in a wheelbarrow, riding a tricycle, & chained to a rack. We even had a skeleton doctor giving a mummy a blood transfusion.

Northfields allotment M Kehoe Northfields Allotments  MKehoe
Northfields Allotments DFOX Northfields Allotments D Kehoe

At the northern end of the site our Anderson shelter was transformed into a spooky witch's grotto and an alien landed in his huge silver UFO on plot 234A. At the southern end Game of Thrones' fans could take selfies on the iron throne with the white walkers on plot 178A and we had two very spooky sheds open to anyone brave enough to venture inside.

Northfields Allotments M Kehoe Northfields Allotments M Kehoe

Of course, there were the pumpkins -150 in total carved by our plot holders and their children during the half term holiday. The pumpkins lined the whole trail leading our visitors along the entire length of the site then round the back through the Radbourne Walk which we also decorate with hand painted scarecrows and fairy lights. The star of the show was the giant prize winning pumpkin, which you may remember from the EAP show, beautifully carved and proudly displayed on our communal plot.

Northfields Allotments M Kehoe Northfields Allotments DFOX
Northfields Allotments D Fox Northfields Allotments DFOX

 Joining the giant pumpkin were our hardy volunteers running the refreshment stalls and bar selling homemade cakes, mulled wine and hot dogs. The produce stall was well stocked with over 200 jars of home grown jam, chutney and other preserves. Capital Chorus braved the stormy weather to bring us some wonderful harmonies and the children were kep busy with a craft activity and face painting. It was a challenge to set up the site this year as the weather was definitely not on our side and we were not sure how many local people would want to venture out of their warm, dry homes to traipse about our muddy site. The people of Northfields clearly love Halloween as we still had at least 2000 visitors.  Many thanks to the volunteers who prepared the site, decorated their plots, donated goods, cleared up afterwards let alone helping on the day itself. Without their support it wouldn’t be possible to offer our local community this popular and free event every year.