Top tips for an eco-friendly plot

There are many ways you can promote wildlife and help the environment

By Claire on Friday, 5th May 2023
  • Conserve water - use it responsibly, install water butts, water deeply rather than frequently to encourage deeper roots. Watering first thing is most efficient.
  • Use mulch around plants to keep in moisture and reduce the need for watering.
  • Encourage wildlife…. with pollinator-friendly plants and bee hotels. Build a log pile as an undisturbed habitat for insects.
  • Install a pond - and always make sure there’s an escape route for any wildlife that fall in, such as a plank or bricks. Ponds encourage frogs, which eat slugs!
  • Find alternatives to chemicals -use mesh or the top half of large drink bottles to protect plants from pests. Cardboard and wood chip make good weed suppressors.
  • Recycle plastic pots - they’re free on Potswap on the communal plot by the main gate. 
  • Make your own compost from green waste in bins made from pallets.
  • If buying compost, make sure it is peat free.
  • Check out Charles Dowding’s no dig advice If you have raised beds plant veg 5cm in as the soil heats up more quickly around the edges.
  • Donate surplus food and flowers to your friends, neighbours and local charities.