EDAS Fruit Garden

The EDAS Fruit Garden occupies a small corner of the allotment on the intersection of Mattock Lane and Northfields Avenue. This part of the allotment site was neglected for a couple of years after it's previous plot holder moved out of London. It couldn’t be let for a while because it fell inside the proposed development site so although it was once part of a beautiful flower garden it was not looking it's best. Thankfully Pathways have decided not to proceed with their plans. Work to clear the area and bring it back into cultivation was carried out by a committee member with help from our monthly volunteers in 2019.

Northfields Allotments Northfields Allotments


The shed was rescued from another section of the hedgerow and revamped during a volunteer day. The bench is made from salvaged wood and the paths were laid using reclaimed membrane and pebbles sourced from plotholders and local facebook groups. The insect hotel is also made of reclaimed materials such as pallets, roof tiles, broken pots, cones and bark pieces.

Most of the plants were salvaged from abandoned plots or were donated by plotholders. We are growing rhubarb, red currants, black currants, gooseberries and blackberries for jam making. The raised border of the plot nearest the fence and one of the beds have been planted with a variety of flowering perenials such as Verbena, Ox-eye daisy and globe artichokes to attract pollinators and give passers by something nice to look at. Recently one of our long standing plot holders moved out of the area so we collected up about 100 daffodil bulbs from her plot which have been replanted in the beds and the border. Look out for a wonderful daffodil display as you walk past the corner in spring 2021.

Northfields Allotments Northfields allotment

The fruit garden is looked after by a volunteer from our allotment waiting list who weeds and waters the plants. They can get involved with our allotment community and get to try out gardening before committing themselves to a plot of their own.The fruit grown in this garden will be used to make jam to sell at our open events. One of the large beds is used to grow pumpkins for our Halloween Pumpkin Trail; you might see some growing in late summer if you look carefully.