Allotment Pump Project Plot 164

 This plot 164 has had a K3 semi rotary pump installed as a part of the Allotment pump project. The pump is now working and can be used by any plot holder as a water source. All water pumps need a brisk pumping action, a weak pushing of the handle will not be enough to maintain a good water flow.
You need to prime this pump with water to get it to work. To do this unscrew the metal cap on the top of the pipe work. Then use the glass bottle with water in it and pour the water into the top of the pump until it reaches the top, about half the bottle. Then re screw the metal cap and then move the handle back and forth NOT in a circular motion about five times. You will feel the pressure change and water will pour out.

The reason why we have installed a semi rotary pump in this well is due to the wishes of the plot holder "Sim" to keep the metal frame that sits over the well. I thought i was a good idea and believed that a rotary or semi rotary pump is likely to have been used previously when the well was in use. Semi rotary pumps have been found in two other instances on the allotment, on plot 229 and 224 which gives us an understanding that they were used by some plot holders, these two pumps are in fact the only existing "old" pumps to be found on the allotment.


The well had been capped with a standard man-hole cover and once removed the internal construction of the well could be seen. The well was constructed with metal barrels similar to the well on 155A that create the walls of the well shaft.The old water pipe was connected into a metal structure which appeared to be a section of old water tank. The pipe work was so corroded that this section of pipework and plate both were replaced with modern 32mm plastic pipe. A new wooden beam was used to allow the pipework into the well. Right Well before work began and once man-hole cover was removed.


When the old pipework was remove i found a plastic filter on the bottom of the pipe which also had a stand. The plastic filter was removed and reconnected to the new plastic pipe. The depth of the well is around 3 metres with a depth of water around one metre.
The pump was bolted with M10 bolts to a section of reclaimed wood. We added a section of gas pipe to direct the water into the dip tank. This gas pipe has a T-junction which allows us to pour water into the pump to prime it for use. I did originally fit plastic pipe but this proved to be impractical. Right old and new piperwork with filter







The pump is a K3 which is a medium size pump , K1 being the smallest. Some wells take a little time to get "clean looking" water to appear, this well however had very clean water from the first time i pumped it and has remained clear ever since. Right completed pump











Below Martha and Solomon Flemonds on the day the pump was completed


I spoke to "Milko" sometime later and he told me that the pervious well owner has a rotary pump which he took with him when he left the allotment.