Allotment Pump Project

Allotment Pump Project

In 2015 i started a project endorsed by the Ealing Dean Allotment Committee to instal four pumps into existing wells on the Northfields Allotments. The pumps are for all plot holders to use, therefore it was necessary to have the agreement of the plot holder to allow people to use the pump and that it was preferably in a location that was easy for plot holders to use. The four plots that were chosen were 155A, 161B, 164 and 213.

Plot 155A is a plot in the south part of the allotment. It has a well that has been created with circular barrels placed on top of each other. The well top has been capped with a man hole cover as other well have been. There is a small amount of material in the bottom of the well under the water level. This well will have a village style pump installed and a new wooden well top and a dip tank which is a old water tank. Work will commence in April/May 2015

Plot 161B is a plot on the south part of the allotment. This plot has a very interesting well and tank construction quite different to other plots. I have been told that "Welsh Peter" created this well and pump system and it was in use even after 1998. It is said that he used a pump and ran a series of pipes most likely into barrels and tanks as there is still some sunken bathes on the plot. I have estimated that he may have used a rotary pump which are very easy to move and do not require a fixed position ie. static pump stand. This is going to be the most interesting of all the four pumps and the reconstruction odf the tanks and well tops will make an interesting feature along with the pump.

Plot 164 is a plot on the south end of the allotment. This well has a metal bar construction over the well top and an existing metal pipe protruding out of the well top. It was realised that there would have been some type of pump fixed to the metal bar above the well. I have been told by Milko a long time plot holder that it was a rotary pump and that the plot holder "took it with him" when he left the allotment. We have installed a K3 semi-rotary pump on the plot, One: because it fits the existing metal frame and Secondly: because two other semi-rotary pumps have been found on the allotments, so we know that type has been used on the allotment. Installation work on the pump started in March 2015 and was completed in April 2015.

Plot 213 is on the north end of the allotment. This plot has an existing well with a concrete slab on the top. The current plot holder was able to purchase a village style pump for £10 from ebay and was planning to instal the pump at some point. When the Allotment Pump Project was started i approached Nick to see it he would like us to complete the installation. He has happy for us to do the work and we purchased the bottom cast iron stand and installed the pump. The complication on this project was that the well had been partially filled in with rubbish including carpet, plastic cups, plastic barrels and bags. In the clearing out of the well a certain amount of disturbance was created and the well that was completely drained still has a certain amount of clay falling into the pipe work, this will however clear with regular use within a few months and it is expected to a reliable source of clean water in the future. installation work started in April 2015 and was completed in the same month.