2020 Award winners

Congratulations to all of our award winning plotholders. Awards are very important because they recognise the hard work that goes into keeping a plot looking good. But it also gives the rest of us a standard to aspire to. 

The committee want to thank the judges. In the past we have called in an independent judge from another allotment site. However, with Covid restrictions we felt that wasn’t possible this year. So, we asked some of last years gold winners to help out. Judging is time consuming so we want to thank Anne, Georgina, Carl, Angela, Barbara and Ian for giving up their time to help.

Every year we have so many plotholders who volunteer and help out to make sure Northfields runs smoothly and looks its best. As chair, I get to give out an award of my own choosing to someone I believe has gone that extra mile.  Normally I only give out one award for "Volunteer Of The Year" but this year four plotholders really stood out.


Below is a full list of award winners (photos to come)

Once again - congratulations to all of you who won an award and thank you for helping to make Northfields Allotments the best that it can be.



Mike Taylor (Plot 195)

For Creativity And Innovation

Gold Medal  Simon Coleman (Plot 198)

Gold Medal  Craig Evans (Plot 157A)

Silver Medal  Nick Cash (Plot 210)

Traditional Cultivation

Gold Medal  Patrick O’Kelly (Plot 228)

Gold Medal  Paul McConnell (Plot 218)

Silver Medal  Dennis Hughes (Plot 182 & 184)

Silver Medal  Maria Cusack (Plot 183B)

Design And Cultivation

Gold Medal  Peter Drew (Plot 232B)

Gold Medal  Mardien Drew (Plot 234B)

Gold Medal  Jackie Bannister  (Plot 217A)

Gold Medal  Paul Sloan (Plot 206A)

Silver Medal  David Booth (Plot 217B)

Silver Medal  Vanessa Hodder (Plot 205B)

Silver Medal  Ethnea Vaughan (Plot 235A)

Newcomers’ Award

Gold Medal  Marta Sheikh (Plot 221)

Gold Medal  Kim Elphinstone (Plot )213B

Silver Medal  Wendy Chevous (Plot 155A)

Silver Medal  Richard Connolly (Plot 204B)

Wildlife Friendly

Gold Medal  Judy Tither (Plot 232A)

Gardening Club Member


Jeremy Hill (Plot 227-2)

Paul Gallagher (Plot 147-3)

Samuel Murphy (Plot 147-4)

No Dig Experimental Cultivation

Silver Medal  Caroline West (Plot 211)

For Being Helpful Neighbours

Commendation  Maggie and Ranu Touzout (Plot 237)

Northfields Allotments’ Chair’s Award 2020

Together these guys helped out a fellow plotholder who had been ripped off by a builder.

Tana donated a shed while Jon, Craig and Terry put a lot of work into putting in a base and then building the shed. I know it meant a lot to the recipient and it was a lovely gesture. You went above and beyond neighbourliness….and definitely deserving of recognition. 

Volunteer Of The Year awards go to…

Tana Scott (Plot 188)

Jon Chevous  (Plot 155A)

Craig Evans  (Plot 157A)

Terry Raymond  (Plot 157A)