The 2016 Sunflower Competition

We know watching adults growing vegetables can sometimes be a bit boring. So, we thought a sunflower competition would make your time on the allotments more interesting.

We have chosen sunflowers because they can grow very, very tall.  They are also the perfect flowers for wildlife.  In the summer you can watch our allotment bees fly all the way from plot 230B to collect the nectar from your flowers to make honey.  In the autumn you’ll be able to see the birds feeding on the seeds.

Its easy to enter the competition:

To be as fair as possible - we will give you some sunflower seeds to grow.  That way everyone gets the same chance to win.

This year we have three competitions.  There will be a prize for...

  • The tallest sunflower
  • The sunflower with the most flowers
  • The sunflower with the biggest head

Many sunflowers

If you’d like to enter the competition - do get an adult to email me back (  I'll need to know your name and plot number.  Then we can arrange to give you some seeds.

You’ll also have to check with the plot holder that it is OK for you to have a small patch to grow your competition sunflowers.

The three winners will win a prize of some vouchers from toys"R"us - so that way you can choose something for yourself.

The prizes will be given out to the winners on Saturday 10th September at a special BBQ for all our plot holders and their families. 

We hope you’ll join in (perhaps with a little help from your parents or grandparents).


Christina Fox

Chair: Ealing Dean Allotment Society

Many sunflowers