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A new heritage feature has been created at Northfield allotments, with thanks to the plot holders for allowing it to be restored.
The shed has been restored by Simon Coleman, keeping its original shape and feel. This old shed was crammed with fruit boxes. The boxes were probably used to store vegetables or fruit on the plot. The large grape vine on the plot where the shed was built may hint at the fruit the boxes stored in summers past on our historic allotment.

In 2018 I took on a restoration of an old shed located at the south end of Northfield allotments. This shed is in area where the No.1 plot was situated when the allotments were first created in 1832. At that time the allotments were on both sides of Northfield avenue and this side was referred to as the “East” whilst across the road was known as “West & North” sides.

The Restoration of the shed began in spring 2017. It was believed by the restorer, Simon Coleman that the shed had special value to the allotments. During the excavation items were found dating back to the 1920’s. It was physically impossible to get inside the shed as large amounts of soil had been piled around the door area. This had allowed it to be preserved for possibly the last 20 years. The public can visit this shed on our Summer open days in July.

The annual children's sunflower competition is back!

Get your seeds from the shed on 178A or the shed on the right of the Andershon Shelter, and register your children for the competition!

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different size sunflowers for the EDAS sunflower competition

Ealing’s Allotments
During World War II, allotments were in great demand and by 1945 there were around 1.4 million allotments in Great Britain. In the 1930s the UK imported over 70% of its food and the threat from German U-Boats on food imports encouraged the government to create a campaign to help feed the country.
The ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign was launched in October 1939 and set out to empower people to grow their own food.

Shows the boot of a labourer turning the soil with a spade