Radbourne Walk - putting our plan into action

On Saturday morning (1st February) a group of Northfield allotment plot holders and local residents got together to put a plan into action. Luck was with them because the sun shone - not a drop of rain fell all morning.

Rubbish had to be cleared, muddy paths made clean and a new meadow created for Ealing.

There was a major gas leak in Mattock lane - but that wasn't going to stop us.


Simon outlines the history of the Radbourne Walk

Tools at the ready

So, everyone knows what to do.


First we need to rake off any fallen branches from the willow tree


and then turn over the soil


you never know what treasures you'll find!


move aside - what's going on here?


purely for medicinal reasons...



who ate all the cake?





Yasmin provided soup - which went down well



The path had become very muddy over the years. All it needed was some water...


...a stiff brush and some elbow grease.
twenty years of neglect - gone in one morning
OK - prep work is all done
Simon shows us how to mix seeds with sand


Broadcasting the seed 

Please come for a walk down the path - maybe just once a week. Keep looking and soon you'll see seedlings and then flowers. We hope you enjoy the wildflower meadow everyone created on the 1st of February.

The people who did all the hard work were...

  • Christine Clarke
  • Dominic Small
  • Dominique
  • Ian Wilkinson
  • Jan Moorhouse
  • Jon Wilkins
  • Maggie Touzout
  • Mo March
  • Ruth and sons Ben and Dan
  • Scott
  • Simon Coleman
  • Trevor and son Charlie
  • Vanessa Hodder
  • Yasmin

This is just the beginning.



Our plan is to transform this unloved walk into a place you will want to visit rather than just use as a shortcut.We still have loads more to do. If you would like to get involved the next working party is on Saturday 1st March 2014. The plan for the next section of Radbourne Walk is to build a loggery to help our stag beetles.