Radbourne Walk - Next Steps

We have the opportunity, in the next couple of weeks, to bid to Ealing Borough Council for funds for further work on Radbourne Walk.  We have ideas of what we'd like to see - so, we have set up a page on the spacehive website which outlines our plans...


But we also want to hear from neighbours, allotment holders and anyone that uses Radbourne Walk - what would you like and what would you like to see  as further improvements?

Please give us your views & suggestions.

We'd quite like to keep in touch with you, to let you know the outcome of our bid.  If that's OK with you, please give us your email as well.

What would you like to see?
About you...
We'd like to keep in touch with you, so that we can update you with progress about Radbourne Walk or in relation to your suggestion above. This is entirely optional and we will not share your details with any other organisations (we hate spam email too...)
if you are happy for us to email you Radbourne-walk related updates