In September 2016 we received a letter from Pathways, our landlord, that it intended to build on 10% of the allotments. But, this week, Pathways officially informed us that it will now NOT be building on Northfield allotments. 

There has been a substantial changeover of trustees and a change in chief executive since the development was first announced. The new trustees feel that green space and allotments are important and so building on Northfields would not be the right thing to do. 
To officially know that the trustees have changed their decision to build on the allotments and understand the importance of green space is a wonderful result. As one plotholder put it: “I am awash with happiness at this news.”

I want to thank all of you for all the help and support you gave.

Northfield plotholders were always going to object because we’ve always known how valuable this green space is. It seems local residents and our politicians also felt it was valuable too and worth protecting. 

I believe that the public and cross-party political support was incredibly important. I’m sure it helped persuade the trustees that the allotments are loved by local residents – not just plot holders. 

Please let all your friends and neighbours know that the development will now NOT go ahead and do thank them for their support. 

Our summer open day is on Sunday 7thJuly - I do hope you’ll join us for tea and cake. The site should look at its best and I hope you’ll agree that it will be hard to imagine why anyone would want to cover it in concrete.

Christina Fox

Chair Ealing Dean Allotment Society

Here are a series of Maps of Ealing Dean from 1741 to 1865. The earlier maps show Ealing Dean Common and after 1832 they show the Parish Allotments which are were know as Ealing Dean Common allotments, then later Ealing Dean Allotments and more commonly these days Northfileds Allotments.

By Francesca (243b)

We thought a lot about what it should contain and in the end we decided on the day's newspaper, a letter about our daily lives, photos, an Argos catalogue, a tin of beans, some pictures drawn by 5 year old Marianne, a copy of Macbeth, maps of the local area, some seeds, a receipt showing the price of milk and bread, some Frozen stickers, a set of recent coins and

Time capsule buried at Northfield Allotment

We will be holding the last volunteer day of 2015 on Saturday 5th December. We will be working on the Radbourne walk, cutting back the plant growth, sweeping up the leaves, and giving it a good tidy up.

The people of Ealing are a curious bunch. At our first ever open day so many people said to me that they had often walked past the allotments and wondered what they were like inside. The assumption was that there would be row upon row of vegetables tended by a wizened old retired guy drinking tea from his flask. Of course, we do have a few of those, but we also have lots of young families and people who grow flowers.

All our prizewinners

Saturday the 7th of November is the next Volunteer Day. We will be continuing the improvement of the grass along the ‘Long Walk’, the path that runs the length of the allotment. We will also be removing rubbish from a bank of soil from the main path. Food, hot drinks and water will all be provided.

Saturday the 3rd of October will be the next Volunteer Day. This time we will be aerating the soil along the ‘Long Walk’, our main grass path, to help the grass grow and keep our bugs and worms happy! We will also be removing consolidated rubbish that forms a bank in the main path.
Food, hot drinks and water will all be provided. You are welcome to bring an alcoholic beverage or cake along.

The next volunteer day is coming up on SATURDAY THE 1ST OF AUGUST.
This time, we will clean up the allotment ready for the open day on the 15th Aug . This will include the tidying up the communal area, cutting back plants and overhanging branches in the main path, cutting the grass path and reconstructing the WW2 Anderson air raid shelter.

The next volunteer day is coming up on SATURDAY THE 4TH OF JULY.
This time, we will clean up the boundary hedge all around the allotment site. This will include the privet hedge that is growing through and out of out fence as well as the stinging nettles that are falling into the path in the Radbourne walk. The overhanging branches that are at head height on Northfield avenue will also be cut back.

There will be a skip on Saturday 27th June. Plot holders can use this skip to remove rubbish from their plots but DO NOT bring rubbish from your home to put in the skip.
This is an additional skip and there will be another skip in late July.
Do not put wood, soil, plants, and asbestos in the skip. Other items not allowed in skips are listed below:

The next volunteer day is coming up soon on Saturday the 6th June. We will be continuing the clearance of the Hedgerow along Northfield Avenue and Mattock Lane. We cleared a skip full of rubbish and two tonnes of scrap metal from the last two Hedge clearance days. We hope you will join us for our June volunteer session - to help out and feel part of our gardening community. If you haven't been to a volunteer session - you’ll find it is a great way to meet and share ideas with other plotholders.Our start time is 10.00 - Saturday 6th June. Please come to the main double gate on Northfield Avenue - close to the two bus stops (map below).